We offer a carefree hosted Zabbix solutions, so you can focus on your core business. This way you can make sure you get a guaranteed structured and solid monitoring solution. You probably depend on your monitoring greatly for your services, so why not take it to the next level? Making sure that you always have the data and alerting you need!

Estimate your Hosted Zabbix solution cost below

Host = Everything that has an IP address and must be monitored. eg: router, linux machine, windows machine, etc etc

Item = a metric. eg: cpu load, uptime, temperature

Update interval = How often should a item (metric) getting updated with the newest value retrieved from the Host

History: All item values will be stored for the history period.

Trends = Calculated once per hour and it a aggregated view of what happened that hour, consisting out of the maximum value, minimum value and average value in that hour

Backups = We automatically create and store daily incremental backups of all configuration and history. Retention period is 3 months. In case something goes wrong we will be able to restore from a backup. 

Helpdesk services = We are ready to answer all y our questions within the chosen time period, 24×7 if needed. Since we’re a official Zabbix partner, Zabbix support is available for us in case we cannot solve the issue.

How many hosts do you expect to monitor?
How many items, per host? If unsure: 150 per host is average
Average update interval per item, in seconds
How long to keep all the data, in days
How long to keep the aggregated data, in days
Do you want to have a daily incremental backups?
Do you need helpdesk services to help with configuration and problems?




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When you are looking for highly skilled Network, Linux, Zabbix and other IT engineers we are your partner. We have several skilled engineers at the ready for you to provide answers to all of your questions and make your next projects a great success.

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When you need a highly skilled external employee to provide a fresh look and up-to-date knowledge, look no further. We provide employees for posting at your company for short or long lasting projects so you don’t have to search long for the perfect engineers.

Hosted solutions

We offer hosted solutions, for instance your hosted Zabbix servers. Let us take care of your software, so that you only have to worry about your core business. We make sure you can work the way you are used to, without the need for headache and hardship.

Zabbix Services

With many years of Zabbix experience and as official partner we are here to provide anything you need for Zabbix. We create complete Zabbix setups, templates and provide official support for your Zabbix setups. If you are looking for real Zabbix experience look no further and contact us!

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Zabbix Training

With a highly skilled and experienced Zabbix trainer in house we are able to provide official certified training. We can do this online or in house and get your employees up to speed with everything there is to know about Zabbix monitoring.

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Zabbix Support

If you have any problems with your network, linux servers or Zabbix installation do not worry. We are here to help you troubleshoot any of these issues and more. Our engineers are all experienced with extensive troubleshooting and know how to look at the right angles.

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We work as a single united team to give you the excellence you may expect from an IT consultancy company like us.